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Stinker's Official Fishing Team T-shirts to be worn when the kids go fishing. Guaranteed results.

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 Caraelle cover


I love listening to and telling stories and I have heard and told many. Never have I heard a story like Clarabelle. I was introduced to the Clarabelle saga on Broughton Island nearly 40 years ago when a group of old fishermen were discussing odd events that have occurred on the island over the years. Huge seas that washed huts into the swirling ocean, sharks, whales, seals and sinking ships. Every story seemed to be far more difficult to believe than the previous tale. The last story told was about a cow that found her way to the island. No one could top that so they all went to bed.

Listening to ABC Radio some years later I heard reference to the same story. Could it possibly be true?

Research has revealed four people who actually saw the cow and who had vivid memories of the event. 

This book is a result of all my findings. Stories like this one should never fade away.


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The Outer Light cover 


Living in the tiny village of Fingal Bay for over 40 years I have witnessed great change. From a fisherman’s hideaway connected to the town of Nelson Bay by a sandy track, Fingal has grown into a community with all the issues that come with development.

My greatest interest since settling here has been the history that surrounds the area, in particular the lighthouse and the keepers residence which were established in the 1860s.

This book focuses on the light keepers, their families and their experiences from the 1860s up until 1973 when the light became automatic. The book concludes in 1991 when a tragedy occurred. Ship wrecks, pioneering fishermen and lobster trappers and the emergence of a township also feature in what will be my final book on local history.  

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