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 "The Adventures of Stinker & Stinkpot"


In 1982 I answered an advertisement in the Newcastle newspaper - Wanted to Sell section.  "For Sale - Unwanted 3 metre aluminium boat on a trailer complete with 5hp motor, anchor, life jackets, oars. Won in a raffle - don't like fishing. $1000".  I immediately made contact and raced into Newcastle as fast as I could. My initial response, when first seeing the boat, was that it was made for me.  The little tinny was a brand new Savage Gull brightly painted yellow inside with a white exterior and I was as excited as a kid at Christmas. 

It didn't take long for me to discover that Stinkpot was a "take anywhere" boat. Solid in structure the brave little tinny sat comfortably in a rolling sea and was not bullied by any forces of nature. I had no hesitation pushing the boat into the surf in Fingal Bay and motoring to the close reefs and nearby islands fishing for snapper, tailor, bream, drummer and mulloway. With my oars at hand I never feared for my safety or ability to return home in the event of a breakdown.

The "Adventures of Stinker and Stinkpot" is an account of many of the exciting experiences we have had since I towed Stinkpot home to Fingal Bay.  I am as enthusiastic about heading out to sea now in Stinkpot as I was on our maiden voyage many years ago. The little Savage Gull has never let me down and we have formed a partnership that has become well known throughout Port Stephens.

I have written and reported on my boating adventures for many years but never have I told my stories to an audience of kids. This book addresses that issue with a collection of tales, based on fact, that have been adapted for the younger reader. 

The outstanding illustrations are the efforts of leading local artist Ileana Clarke who demonstrates through her work  a great feeling for the story and the characters involved.

The book will be available in mid November through selected outlets, bookstores and newsagencies throughout Newcastle and Port Stephens or through my web site 

The cost of the book is $20 plus packaging and postage.